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🚨President Kennedy's Father Suffers a Stroke

Dec. 19, 1961 - Joseph P. Kennedy, 73-year-old father of the President, suffered a stroke at his home in Palm Beach, Fla. today. President Kennedy flew there from Washington and went immediately to St. Mary’s Hospital (pictured), where the elder Mr. Kennedy, the former Ambassador to Britain, was undergoing emergency treatment. Medical sources said there had been some paralysis but that they would not know how serious the condition of the President’s father was until diagnostic tests were completed. However, last rites of the Roman Catholic Church were administered by the Rev. Eugene Seraphin, chaplain of St. Mary’s Hospital, as soon as Mr. Kennedy was admitted. He fell ill this morning after playing six holes of golf and returned home to rest. About 1 p.m. he complained of feeling no better, and an ambulance was summoned to take him to the hospital. Not long after, President Kennedy was informed in Washington that his father had suffered the attack.


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