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President Kennedy Honors Senator Magnuson

Nov. 16 - After his speech at the University of Washington, President Kennedy paid high tribute to Senator Warren G. Magnuson (left), Washington’s Democratic senior Senator. Senator Magnuson is celebrating his 25th year in Congress and also is seeking re-election. At a dinner in honor of Mr. Magnuson, the President spoke of the development of the Northwest area since the Senator’s first election to Congress in 1936. “Those who bet on the United States — those who were bulls about this country — in the long run have been proved to be correct,” Mr. Kennedy said. “Those who wish to say we have had enough, to stand still, are as wrong as they were 25 years ago.” The President is on a three-day tour of the West. He will interrupt it to fly Saturday to Bonham, Tex., for the funeral of Speaker Sam Rayburn.


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