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Nixon Rejects Kennedy's Denial of 1960 Cuban Invasion Briefing

Mar. 21, 1962 - Richard M. Nixon declined today in the face of a Presidential denial to alter his contention that Senator John F. Kennedy (pictured with Allen W. Dulles in July 1960) had taken advantage in the 1960 campaign of confidential C.I.A. briefings on Cuban invasion preparations. The former Vice President’s assertion was made this week in a magazine excerpt from a forthcoming book, “Six Crises.” He said today: “President Eisenhower [now vacationing at nearby Palm Desert] has authorized me to state that, following the practice he had established in 1956, he had given instructions that, in regard to U.S. intelligence activities abroad, Senator Kennedy was to be as fully briefed on our foreign problems as I was. Beyond this, I have no further comment. My book speaks for itself.” The White House said yesterday that while Mr. Kennedy had been briefed during the campaign on the international situation, he had not been told about Cuban invasion preparations. This was corroborated by Allen W. Dulles, former head of the C.I.A. Mr. Nixon is a candidate for the Republican nomination for Governor of California.


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