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🚨U.S. and Soviet Tanks Confront Each Other for First Time in Berlin

Oct. 27, 1961 - United States and Soviet tanks confonted each other today for the first time in history. They were less than 100 yards apart at the Friedrichstrasse crossing point on the border between West and East Berlin. As they remained in position with their guns pointed at each other, the situation was described by an American source as fraught with danger. Ten Soviet T-54 medium tanks, part of a force of 33 that moved into East Berlin last night, were drawn up in a three-two-two-three formation on the Friedrichstrasse. Their black-uniformed crews remained in the tanks, an unsmiling soldier behind the long-barreled 100-millimeter gun on each tank. Down the street, bathed in the garish light from six high-powered searchlights, four United States M-48 Patton medium tanks had been posted, the first pair right on the line dividing West and East Berlin. Two American tanks were in a lot just off the Friedrichstrasse, and four more were in reserve about a quarter mile away. A number of armored personnel carriers were also in the area.


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