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Truman Backs Kennedy on "Muzzling" Generals

Jan. 29, 1962 - Harry S. Truman endorsed the Kennedy Administration today in the controversy over “muzzling” generals and admirals with a blunt recollection of his removal of General of the Army Douglas MacArthur from command in the Korean War 10 years ago. “The things they [the generals and admirals] are saying deserve muzzling,” the former President said. “But it’s not a case of muzzling, it’s a case of obeying military law. It’s a question of interfering with the President’s policies. Every President has that trouble. I did and fired one.” Mr. Truman was interviewed as he arrived in New York by train from St. Louis to make some speeches there. Mr. and Mrs. Truman were met at the Pennsylvania Station by their daughter Margaret and her husband, Clifton Daniel.


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