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Truman and Eisenhower Break the Ice

Nov. 10, 1961 - Former Presidents Harry S. Truman and Dwight D. Eisenhower broke a long period of coolness today when they chatted amiably at the Truman Library in Independence, Mo. It was their first talk of any length since Mr. Truman briefed General Eisenhower at a Cabinet meeting in November, 1952, before turning the Presidency over to him. Since then, the two have frequently been at odds. Their decision to get together was made only a few days ago. The impetus was provided by a program in which both former Presidents are participants — the rededication of Kansas City’s Liberty Memorial. Mr. Truman took his visitor on a tour of the library. General Eisenhower asked if he should sign the guest book. “Definitely,” Mr. Truman replied with a grin. “Then if anything is missing we’ll know who to blame.”


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