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Secretary Connally May Run for Governor of Texas

Oct. 28, 1961 - The Secretary of the Navy, John B. Connally Jr., may give up the office next year to run for Governor of Texas. There are persuasive forces in favor of his making the race. One is a belief among some Democrats that he could unite the perpetually warring party factions in Texas. Mr. Connally believes that he might be able to get the liberals and conservatives together. With the Republicans gaining more strength in Texas, a Democratic candidate who can hold the party together will be invaluable in the gubernatorial contest next year. A Republican Senator, John G. Tower, was elected this year, partly because of Democratic division. Mr. Connally is a philosophical conservative, and he has the extra appeal for conservatives of being a self-made man. He is an oil man and a friend of oil men. He has the confidence of the conservative business community in Texas.


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