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Robert F. Kennedy Meets with DeGaulle in Paris

Feb. 27, 1962 - Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy spent 40 minutes with President de Gaulle in Paris today. Mr. Kennedy said later it was “a good talk.” Neither Mr. Kennedy nor President de Gaulle disclosed the subjects they discussed, but it was more than probable that among them were the approaching cease-fire in the Algerian war and the French premier’s belief that the time is not ripe for fruitful East-West negotiations. The Attorney General, at the end of a worldwide tour, paid courtesy calls also on Foreign Minister Maurice Couve de Murville and Bernard Chenot, the Minister of Justice. Accompanied by his wife, Mr. Kennedy ate lunch at Le Roi Gourmet, a modest but highly regarded restaurant near the Paris Bourse. In the afternoon, the visiting couple strolled in the Rue Saint Honoré and the Avenue des Champs Elysées.


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