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Robert F. Kennedy: Democracy is "Wave of the Future"

Feb. 24, 1962 - Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy (pictured with Mayor Willy Brandt of West Berlin) predicted today that Eastern Europe would be liberated from communism because “the wave of the future is with us.” “We are the new revolution,” Mr. Kennedy told members of the German Foreign Policy Society in Bonn. “We have the truth on our side. If we have the courage, we are going to win.” Later, the Attorney General and his younger brother, Edward M. Kennedy visited an East German refugee in a transit camp near Bonn. The refugee, a university lecturer, lives with his wife and two children in a small room at the camp. Edward offered his hosts chocolates. The Attorney General’s wife, Ethel, gave the refugee’s wife a gilt badge showing the torpedo boat on which President Kennedy served in World War II.


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