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Robert F. Kennedy Arrives in Hong Kong

Feb. 10, 1962 - Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy arrived today in Hong Kong, a British colony in the shadow of Communist China, for a two-day rest. But he showed no sign of slackening the pace he maintained during his hectic six-day visit to Japan. At a news conference, the Attorney General painted a relatively rosy picture of the world, saying the Communists had more problems than the West and “there is great promise for us.” The Communist wall in Berlin, he said, is an indication of “the troubles in the ‘workers’ paradise.’” Asked about the guerrilla war in South Vietnam, he replied: “The solution there lies in our winning it. This is what the President intends to do.” He described Communist heckling and banner-waving against him in Japan as not serious. He said he drew three times the number of pickets and demonstrators during recent visits to Cleveland and Fordham University in New York.


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