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RNC Criticizes President Kennedy's Request for More Secret Service

Mar. 26, 1962 - The Republican National Committee criticized today a Secret Service request for 58 more agents to protect President Kennedy than were needed for President Eisenhower. In its publication, “Battle Line,” the committee asked if this request had anything to do with Mr. Kennedy’s “penchant for commuting from Hyannis Port, Palm Beach, Newport, and Middleburg.” It said: “In addition, expeditions such as Mrs. Kennedy’s safari into India required, in the words of Treasury Secretary Dillon, ‘a number of agents for advance protection.’” The GOP committee said the Secret Service budget requests this year included “not only funds for the new agents, but also estimates for ‘presidential travel’ amounting to $564,000 — an increase of $270,000 or almost double its 1962 estimate.”


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