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President Pushes Trade Program in Speech to Advertising Council

Mar. 7, 1962 - President Kennedy joined the list of those asking the services of The Advertising Council today. The council is a public service organization of businesses, advertising agencies, newspapers and magazines, and radio and television stations — all the elements of the advertising business — which exists to promote national causes. The President, in a speech to the council’s annual meeting in Washington, said: “I hope this year you will devote yourself especially as private citizens and also as members of this council to the program that we have suggested for advancing our trade program, particularly our ties with Western Europe. We have a great story to tell.” The President’s desire to enlist broad support for the trade policy he has proposed to Congress is well known, as is his feeling that this is an issue that transcends partisan politics. The council was established in 1943 to promote victory gardens, scrap collection drives, war bonds and other World War II causes. It is still supporting war bonds — called savings bonds now — but its clientele otherwise is much changed. Among its current campaigns are the Smokey the Bear campaign against forest fires, the Red Cross, Radio Free Europe, recruiting for the Peace Corps, physical fitness, traffic safety, and vaccination against polio.


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