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President Nominates Byron White to Supreme Court

Mar. 30, 1962 - President Kennedy today nominated Byron R. White (left), the Deputy Attorney General, to be an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court. Mr. White is 44, an unusually young age for a Supreme Court appointee. He comes from Denver, where he was in private law practice for 13 years before joining the Kennedy Administration in January 1961. He has known the President since they met in England in 1939. They were together for a time during World War II, when Mr. White was a naval intelligence officer in the Solomon Islands while Mr. Kennedy’s PT-boat squadron was there. Senate confirmation appears to present no problem. Mr. White has had special responsibility for judicial appointments and so has had to deal continuously with Senators. His relationship with them is good. The nominee would be the first Coloradan ever appointed to the Supreme Court. He replaces Justice Charles Evans Whittaker of Missouri, whose retirement for reasons of health was announced yesterday.


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