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President Kennedy Welcomes Congolese Premier to White House

Feb. 5, 1962 - President Kennedy entertained Premier Cyrille Adoula of the Congo at a White House luncheon today and then conferred with him for an hour. In a toast at the luncheon, the President assured Mr. Adoula that the U.S. regarded the stability of the Congolese Government as essential to the survival of the U.N. and the success of a “free Africa.” In response, Mr. Adoula said in French that progress in stabilizing the Congo had been possible only because of “continuous, willing help with no ulterior motivation” from the U.S. At their conference, the two leaders discussed the problems created by the secessionist province of Katanga, the desirability of implementing the agreements reached at Kitona to end Katanga’s secession, and the economic problems of the Congo.


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