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President Kennedy Says Youngest Brother Runs for Senate "On His Own"

Mar. 14, 1962 - President Kennedy said today that Edward M. Kennedy, his youngest brother, was running “on his own” in the primary campaign for Senator from Massachusetts. “I will not take part in that campaign, except I will go to vote in the primary in September,” the President said at his news conference. However, Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy, another brother, hinted that the President might campaign for Edward if he won the right to opppose George Cabot Lodge, the probable Republican nominee. “Once he gets through the primary,” the Attorney General said, “I think the President would consider campaigning for him as much as for all other Democratic candidates. I think the President has a very warm spot in his heart for his younger brother.” Edward Kennedy, 30 years old, announced his candidacy today in Boston. He will be pitted against Edward J. McCormack Jr., Attorney General of Massachusetts and nephew of House Speaker John W. McCormack. The Attorney General, as he entered a session of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee to report on his recent trip around the world, said he was pleased at his brother’s announcement. “I think he will make an outstanding candidate,” he said. “I think he’s going to win. That’s what I hear.”


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