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President Attends Mass in Palm Desert, California

Mar. 25, 1962 - A little old lady in black almost asked President Kennedy to move over at church this morning in Palm Desert, Calif. The President (pictured after mass outside the church) had already taken his seat at the Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Church when an unidentified woman paused in the aisle by his pew. She was looking for a seat and obviously was about to ask Mr. Kennedy to make room. Before she could do so, the Secret Service moved in. The President’s guards try to keep him somewhat isolated, even in church. An agent, Harvey Henderson, stepped to the woman’s side. At that point, she realized to whom she had been about to speak because she clapped her hand over her mouth. Mr. Henderson escorted her to another seat in the crowded church. The President, ending a weekend of rest in California, was cheered by about 100 persons outside the church when he arrived and when he left. After the service, President Kennedy went to visit Bing Crosby at the singer’s home. On previous trips to California, the President had visited with Frank Sinatra, but not this time.

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