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President Again Gives Milk a Boost

Jan. 24, 1962 - President Kennedy urged the American public again today to put its faith in the American cow and keep on drinking milk. His press secretary, Pierre Salinger (pictured), made the same point to the reporters who cover the White House, offering them milk at the President’s news conference. The net result of the day’s dairying on the New Frontier was to defend milk against charges of contamination by radioactive fallout and to defend the dairy farmer against the imputation of price gouging. “Milk is safe and can be drunk with strong conviction that it is assisting health and not working against good health,” Mr. Kennedy said. “If the situation should ever change, we would inform the American people and take appropriate action. But at present, the cow itself, along with other factors, makes our milk very safe.” The President proudly pointed to Mr. Salinger’s example. His press secretary, he noted, “drank it this morning, with no adverse effect.”


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