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Nixon Calls Kennedys "Carpetbaggers"

Mar. 24, 1962 - While campaigning for Governor of California in the southern part of the state yesterday, former Vice President Richard M. Nixon was asked how he liked having the President and his brother, Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy, in the state. Attorney General Kennedy was in the state to address an anti-crime convention in Los Angeles. “We welcome them,” Mr. Nixon said. “In November, we are going to show these carpetbaggers a thing or two.” Mr. Salinger replied at a morning news conference in Palm Springs. “I don’t know anybody in the United States, no matter in what state he resides,” Mr. Salinger said, “who considers the President of the United States a carpetbagger, wherever he is.” The Attorney General responded to Mr. Nixon at a press conference. “We’re outsiders, you can’t argue about that,” Robert F. Kennedy said. “If anyone has any objections, perhaps he should make them more specific. Perhaps Nixon should take it up with the University of California.” The President spoke at the University of California at Berkeley yesterday.


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