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Moscow Denounces Kennedy World Tour

Feb. 25, 1962 - The travels of the Kennedy brothers resulted in a violent denunciation from Moscow today. Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy and Edward M. Kennedy, youngest brother of the President, were assailed by Pravda, the Communist party newspaper, for what were described as “cold war” activities in Berlin. The Pravda attack on the Kennedy brothers reflected Soviet uneasiness over the warm and emotional welcome given to the Attorney General Wednesday and Thursday by West Berliners. “The invasion of Berlin by high-ranking brothers of the American President cannot be regarded as anything other than a deliberate demonstration,” Pravda asserted. The Pravda commentary took particular exception to a remark by the Attorney General that the U.S. would no more think of betraying West Berlin than it would of betraying California, Washington or Massachusetts. Robert Kennedy’s speeches were denounced as slanderous to the Soviet Union, an attempt at intimidation, and detrimental to East-West negotiations for a settlement of the Berlin dispute. Pravda asserted that the purpose of the Attorney General’s entire world tour was “to fan up the cold war.”


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