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Khrushchev Favors Memorial to Stalin’s Victims

Oct. 28, 1961 - Premier Khrushchev has come out in favor of the construction of a memorial in Moscow to honor the victims of the Stalinist purges. He told the 22nd congress of the Soviet Communist party today that old Bolsheviks had written letters urging the commemoration of “leading figures of the party and Government who were victims of unjustified repressions in the period of the cult of personality surrounding Stalin.” “We consider this to be a good suggestion,” the Soviet Premier declared. His statement was followed by prolonged applause. “Thousands of absolutely innocent people perished and each person is a whole story,” Mr. Khrushchev said. The Premier’s support for the memorial project was made public amid reports that students at Moscow University were urging that Stalin’s body be removed from the Lenin-Stalin mausoleum in Red Square.


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