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Highlights of Khrushchev Speech in Moscow

Oct. 18, 1961 - Following are highlights of Premier Khrushchev’s speech yesterday at the 22nd congress of the Soviet Communist party in Moscow:

- World’s Future: The downfall of imperialism and the triumph of socialism are inevitable.

- United States: “American capitalism has passed its prime and is declining.”

- Wages: By 1970, no workers in the Soviet Union will be receiving low wages.

- Steel: By 1970, Soviet steel output will exceed present U.S. production by 55 million metric tons.

- Housing: By 1980, every Soviet family will have its own apartment. Rent and basic public utilities will be free.

- Children: By 1980, 80 percent of the cost of educating children will be paid from public funds.

- Communist Bloc: By 1980, the Communist bloc will account for two thirds of the world’s industrial output.

- The State: The state will wither away after a fully developed Communist society has been built and socialism has won in the international arena.

- Cuba: Cuba is a bright beacon of liberty lighting the way to progress for all people of Latin America.


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