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Governor Rockefeller Visits Iowa

Feb. 2, 1962 - More than 3,000 Iowa Republicans turned out last night to welcome Governor Rockefeller (pictured) of New York. They seemed convinced he was a leading contender for the Presidential nomination in 1964. Their conviction was strengthened by his speech attacking the Kennedy Administration. President Kennedy’s proposal to establish a department of Cabinet rank to deal with urban affairs was the Governor’s main target. He also attacked the Kennedy farm program. At a reception, Mr. Rockefeller’s marital difficulties were a topic of conversation among those waiting in line to shake his hand. Speaking of Mr. Rockefeller’s impending divorce, George Nagle, state Republican party chairman, said: “I wouldn’t say it won’t hurt him because I think it will. It’s a touchy subject and we are conservative about that sort of thing. But if Nixon is really on the shelf, the choice will be between Goldwater and Rockefeller.”


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