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Gangster "Crazy" Joe Gallo Gets 7 to 14 Years

Dec. 21, 1961 - Joseph Gallo, a 32-year-old gangland figure, was sentenced today to serve 7 to 14 years in prison on his conviction for conspiracy and attempted extortion. Judge Joseph A. Sarafite imposed the maximum sentence. Gallo, who has a record of 23 arrests and 4 convictions, was convicted last month of having tried to take half the profits and stock of a check-cashing service and 3 taverns owned by Theodor Moss, 28, of Brooklyn. Assistant D.A. Paul D. Kelly said: “In the current war taking place between the Gallo gang and established interests, there have been killings, shootings, stranglings, kidnappings, and disappearances, all directly involving the Gallos. Since the defendant was remanded, there have been no known offensive actions taken by the Gallos. This would give some credence to the belief that Joe Gallo is the sparkplug and enforcer in the mob, and his absence from the scene has accounted for the lack of sustained violence on the part of his associates.”


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