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First Lady Comes Home

Mar. 29, 1962 - Mrs. Jacqueline Kennedy arrived home tonight from her journey abroad. The President was at National Airport to meet her when the Caroline, the family’s plane, landed at 7:28 p.m. As soon as the steps of the aircraft were lowered, the President entered the plane and greeted her. A few minutes later, they descended the steps together and Mrs. Kennedy shook hands with the Indian Ambassador, B.K. Nehru, and his wife and with the Pakistani Ambassador, Aziz Ahmed, and his wife. They had come to the airport to greet her. In a statement made public by the President’s assistant press secretary, Andrew Hatcher, Mrs. Kennedy said: “I would not have missed one second of it. However, it feels unnatural to me to go on such a long semi-official trip without my husband. I have missed my family and have no desire to be a public personality on my own. If people were kind to me, it was because I was the wife of the President. So, the people were showing their affection for him, and he should have been there to receive it.”


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