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Eisenhower: West Embraces Spiritual Values that Communists Deny

Oct. 18, 1961 - Former President Dwight D. Eisenhower (pictured the day before his inauguration in 1953) said today that the Western world should capitalize on its “unique” spiritual strength in the Cold War with the Communist world. In a speech delivered at the annual dinner of the Alfred E. Smith Memorial Foundation in New York, the general asserted that the West had a greater appeal to world opinion than the Communist because it was committed to spiritual values that the Communists denied. He said the weakness of communism was its purely materialistic appeal. Eventually, he predicted, the spiritual strength of the West will sway world opinion and communism will destroy itself. “The value of a political system is measured by the ultimate destiny of those who live under it,” he declared. “If it robs man of his soul, his dignity, his freedom, it must be renounced, whatever the immediate result may be.”


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