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Edward M. Kennedy Announces Senate Run

Mar. 14, 1962 - Edward M. Kennedy officially began today his campaign for the Senate seat once held by his brother, the President. The youngest of the three Kennedy brothers said he had made his decision to run “in full knowledge of the obstacle I will face, the charges that will be made.” Mr. Kennedy’s announcement started a campaign that will first pit him against Edward J. McCormack Jr., Massachusetts Attorney General, who is a nephew of House Speaker John W. McCormack. Mr. Kennedy served as a campaign manager for his brother in the 1960 Presidential race. He is now an assistant district attorney for Suffolk County (Boston) at a $1-a-year salary. Mr. Kennedy reached the age of 30, the minimum for a Senator, last month. If he is successful in the primary, his Republican challenger in November will likely be George Cabot Lodge, whose father and grandfather also were Senators from Massachusetts. In 1952, George Cabot Lodge’s father, Senator Henry Cabot Lodge, was unseated by President Kennedy, then Representative from the 11th Massachusetts District. Mr. Kennedy said today that he did not expect the President to campaign for him, but his sisters “may be visiting in the state, and we certainly won’t keep them in a closet.”


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