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"Crazy" Joe Gallo Convicted of Extortion, Conspiracy

Nov. 16, 1961 - Joseph Gallo, 32-year-old gangland figure and jukebox racketeer, was found guilty of attempted extortion and conspiracy today by a jury in New York General Sessions Court. Gallo nodded as the foreman announced the verdict, which could put him behind bars for as long as fourteen and a half years. Then he looked toward his wife Jeffie and mouthed the words, “Don’t worry.” Gallo was convicted of trying to take half the profits and stock of a check-cashing service and three taverns owned by Theodore Moss, 28, of Brooklyn. After the jury announced its verdict, Gallo refused to answer any questions about himself, saying: “I decline to answer questions at this inquest.” Judge Joseph A. Sarafite scheduled sentencing for Dec. 21.


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