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28 East Germans Escape to West

Jan. 24, 1962 - Twenty-eight East Germans, including a 71-year-old paralyzed woman and an 8-year-old girl, fled to West Berlin early today. The group was the largest to escape from East Berlin since the Communist regime closed the border last August. The paralyzed woman was carried across the border by other members of the party. The woman had had two strokes. Five persons among the ten men and eighteen women were over 60, according to the West Berlin police. The refugees escaped before dawn into the suburb of Frohnau, in the French sector in the north of Berlin, apparently without attracting the attention of East German border guards. No shots were fired by the border police patrolling the area as the East Germans crossed into West Berlin through holes in barbed wire entanglements. The West Berlin city government ordered a news blackout on the details of the flight in hopes of keeping the route open to other potential escapers.


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