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With Dr. King Jailed, Birmingham Negroes Continue Demonstrations

Apr. 13, 1963 - Negroes continued to demonstrate against segregation in Birmingham, Alabama today despite the jailing yesterday of several of their leaders, including Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Six young Negroes were arrested shortly after noon today at a large discount center in the northern part of the city. They picketed the center, called Atlantic Mills, and then sought service at a lunch counter inside. When the counter was closed, they refused to leave and were arrested for “trespass after warning.” In Washington, the Justice Department received a call from President Kennedy, who is vacationing in Palm Beach, Fla. The President expressed concern over the jailing of demonstrators and was apparently told that there was no legal ground at present for Federal intervention in the city’s battle between police and Negroes as the situation stands. Meanwhile, “kneel-ins” at white churches were promised for tomorrow’s Easter services. Dr. King and the other leaders remained in Southside Jail today along with more than 200 other demonstrators arrested over the last 11 days.


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