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Wallace: Negroes Treated Worse in North

June 2, 1963 - Alabama Governor George Wallace stated today that Negroes are treated far worse in the North than in the South. The Governor, in New York for a television appearance on NBC-TV’s “Meet the Press,” called cities like New York “citadels of hypocrisy.” “I’ve been in these Northern hotels,” he said, “and I hear these clerks telling Negroes: ‘Now, let me see. Oh yes, we’re full up,’ or ‘Doesn’t seem your reservation is here.’ Down South, at least, we shoot straight across the board, we tell you how we feel. Here, you practice subterfuge and hypocrisy. Go down to my little country town in Clayton, Ala., and you’ll see Negroes and whites sitting around together, talking, very friendly; and you’ll also find Negroes living 100 yards from my home there. Any Negro who will work and wants to go forward always finds a place in the South. We have 10,000 Negro schoolteachers in Alabama, while you only have 4,000 in New York State to teach the 207,000 Negro students here. Trouble with the North is the press. They come down there and blow up everything to sell papers.” After drawing on his cigar, Mr. Wallace continued: “What about in Angola? What about all the times in Africa when the white people get hacked to death? No civil liberties boys make noise about that.”


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