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Walker Assails “Antichrist Supreme Court,” in Mississippi to “Rally to the Cause of Freedom”

Sept. 27, 1962 - Edwin A. Walker (pictured in Little Rock, Arkansas in 1957) said today that he had been on the wrong side when he led troops to enforce integration at Little Rock in 1957. He appealed for civilians to oppose any soldiers sent to Mississippi. Mr. Walker, a former major general, resigned after he had been officially reprimanded because of his indoctrination program for U.S. Army units under his command in Germany. In today’s statement, Mr. Walker said: “It is time to move. We have talked, listened, and been pushed around far too much by the antichrist Supreme Court. Now is the time to be heard: 10,000 strong from every state in the union. Rally to the cause of freedom.” Later, Mr. Walker was asked whether he was advocating physical force to defend segregation in Mississippi. “The decision for force will be made in Washington,” he replied. “We will move with the punches.”


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