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Virginia May Revoke Charter of American Nazi Party

Feb. 3, 1962 - A proposal to revoke the Virginia charter of the American Nazi party stirred debate in the state’s House of Delegates this week. Critics questioned whether the measure would set a precedent and whether it would suppress free speech. In debate on Thursday, Delegate C. Harrison Mann Jr., an Arlington lawyer and Marine Corps veteran of World War II, assured them on both points. “It does not,” said Mr. Mann, “limit their operations or suppress free speech. They can continue to be just as offensive as they are.” The bill would repeal the charter or article of incorporation of the American Nazi party and forbid incorporation in Virginia of groups with similar charters or with the word “Nazi” in the title. The American Nazi party is headed by George Lincoln Rockwell (left) of Arlington, a printer who was an aviator in World War II. It was incorporated by Virginia’s State Corporation Commission on March 14, 1960.


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