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🚨Violence Erupts at Birmingham Demonstration

May 3, 1963 - Fire hoses and police dogs were used in Birmingham, Alabama today to disperse Negro students protesting racial segregation. Commissioner Eugene (Bull) Connor directed the police operation. Three students were reported to have been bitten and to have required hospital treatment. Two firemen and a news photographer were injured by bricks and broken bottles thrown from the top of an office building near the major encounter, at 17th Street and 5th Avenue North. This was the second day of major demonstrations by the students in Birmingham. Yesterday, more than 900 students were sent out from the Negro section in groups of 10 to 50. Roughly 800 were arrested. Today, using the dogs and fire hoses, the police were largely successful in dispersing the student marchers before they left the Negro section of the city. In all, more than 250 persons were arrested today. Afterward, Mr. Connor walked over to a group of newsmen and announced: “It’s all over. You can go get something to eat.”


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