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Verdicts Reached at Black Muslim Trial in Los Angeles

June 10, 1963 - An all-white jury found four Black Muslims guilty today of interfering with the police during a fatal riot in Los Angeles last year. The verdicts were the first returned by the jury of 10 women and 2 men after 14 days of deliberation. The jury continued consideration of other charges against the 4 and against 10 other defendants, all members of the separatist Nation of Islam. Those convicted today were (left to right, standing) Roosevelt Walker, 28 years old; Robert L. Buice Jr., 38; Monroe Jones, 22; and Fred Jingles Jr., 24. Judge David Coleman set July 9 for sentencing. Earl Broady, a defense attorney, said he would appeal. The trial began April 8. The defendants allegedly took part in a riot involving roughly 20 Black Muslims and a dozen police officers near a Muslim temple on April 27, 1962. One Muslim, Ronald Stokes, was killed, one was crippled, and six others were hurt. Several policemen were injured. The riot flared after policemen stopped two of the defendants for questioning concerning a car loaded with clothing.


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