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United States Will Continue Offering All Necessary Aid to Vietnam

Feb. 25, 1962 - The U.S. is not interested in engaging in any international consultations over the situation in Vietnam as demanded by Communist China, Administration officials said today. Officials in Washington said U.S. policy would continue to offer all necessary aid to South Vietnam as long as the regime in North Vietnam supported the Communist guerrillas in their operations against the Saigon Government. The Beijing statement charged that U.S. involvement in Vietnam affected the security of Communist China. But there was no belief in the Kennedy Administration that Communist China would seek to intervene directly in the Vietnamese conflict. The belief in Washington was that President Ho Chi Minh would hesitate to invite Chinese Communist participation in his war in South Vietnam in light of his neutrality in the dispute between Moscow and Beijing over Albania and other issues. The North Vietnamese leader, like North Korea’s Premier, Kim Il Sung, has refrained from supporting the denunciation of Albania by Premier Khrushchev at the 22nd congress of the Soviet Communist party in Moscow last October. But he he hasn’t openly supported the Chinese defense of the Albanians either.


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