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U.S. Temporarily Suspends Surveillance of Cuba

Oct. 30, 1962 - The U.S. temporarily suspended its aerial surveillance of Cuba today amid reports that the Soviet Union had halted work on its missile bases on the island. The photo reconnaissance missions were suspended for two days, officials said. The action followed the relaxation this morning for a two-day period of the sea blockade of Cuba. Officials explained that the respite had been ordered to facilitate negotiations by the U.N. in Havana. Premier Fidel Castro and U Thant, the Acting Secretary General of the U.N., met for more than two hours today on the dismantling and removal of Soviet missiles “without reaching any agreement,” the Cuban Government announced. Mr. Thant will meet once more with Havana officials tomorrow and then return to New York. The Cuban Government stated that it had “clearly outlined its position and its points of view,” but gave no clues as to what that position was.


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