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U.S. Sends Dogs of War to Vietnam

Dec. 5, 1961 - War dogs from the U.S. Army are being brought to South Vietnam to hunt Communist guerrillas in underground jungle hideaways. The canine auxiliary to the South Vietnamese ground forces demonstrated its value in a trial operation last week. South Vietnamese Government officials who witnessed the demonstration said the dogs, a pair of German shepherds, had flushed eight guerrillas from underground sanctuaries near Hoc Mon, about 30 miles southwest of Saigon. All were captured, the official said. Highly impressed with this performance, the South Vietnamese Government has asked the U.S. to provide 1,000 dogs for such jungle scouting. Communist guerrillas known as the Viet Cong often have escaped from attacking Government troops by disappearing into elaborate, well-hidden tunnels where they also store arms, ammunition, and supplies.


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