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Truman on “Open End” with David Susskind

Sept. 17, 1961 - Former President Harry S. Truman talked of many things during a two-hour interview last night with David Susskind. Some of his observations during the "Open End" program:

Juvenile delinquency - "There's no more in proportion to the population than there was when I grew up, only we could cover it up because there wasn't so much reporting as there is now."

Coexistence - "I hate that word, because there is no such thing. You can't do anything as far as the Russians are concerned. They break every agreement that they make, just like they did on the explosion of these atomic weapons."

Campaigning - "I never in my life made a provocative statement. They used to charge me with giving them hell. I was only telling the truth on them and they thought it was hell because they'd been lying."

Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev - "Khrushchev's got a Frankenstein monster on his eastern border that he's very much afraid of - 650 million Chinamen who, if they wake up, can walk in and put him down."

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