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Tough Talk from Ike to GOP

Feb. 2, 1962 - Dwight D. Eisenhower warned Republicans last night to overhaul the party’s organization and get rid of incompetents if they hope to win in this year’s Congressional and state elections. The former President received top billing from the Republican National Committee on a closed-circuit television hook-up that linked 16 fund-raising dinners and one public rally. The dinners are intended to raise $1.5 million for the 1962 campaign to win control of the House from the Democrats and to cut their majority in the Senate. Speaking from Olympic Auditorium in Los Angeles, General Eisenhower denounced the Democrats for what he called their “cradle-to-grave welfare programs, profligate spending, and planned economy schemes.” He went on to define the qualifications he wanted to see in command posts of the Republican party organization: “They must display the political courage to stand for the principles of the Republican party and against the practices and programs that would shackle the public forever to burdensome taxation, unreasonable restraints on freedom, and deadening welfare statism.”


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