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Three Negro Churches Bombed in Birmingham

Jan. 16, 1962 - Three Negro churches in Birmingham, Ala., were bombed tonight. Two were damaged severely. Two of the bombings took place within minutes of each other in the Negro section of town shortly after 10 p.m. and a third several blocks away about 40 minutes later. The police said the latest explosion took place 100 yards from a police car. A policeman riding in the car was injured in the blast and was taken to a hospital. The final blast occurred at Trinity Church of God. Earlier blasts shook the Bethel Baptist Church and the St. Luke African Methodist Episcopal Church. The officers said they wanted to question a 19-year-old white youth seen running near the scene of the final blast. A large hole was reported blown into the side of the Bethel church, and windows were reported blown out at all three churches. Residents of the areas around the churches reported windows in their homes blown out and electrical service disrupted.


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