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Three Brooklyn Racketeers for Consorting with Themselves

Jan. 5, 1962 - Three Brooklyn hoodlums learned today that they were their own worst enemies. They were arrested for consorting with known criminals — themselves. The three, all said to be underworld associates of racketeer Joseph Profaci, were: John (Johnny Bath Beach) Oddo, 56 (pictured), who described himself as a dress manufacturer; Joseph (Minxie) Livoti, 52, who said he was a fabric cutter; and Salvatore (Little Sammie) Peritore, 48, a self-styled shoulder pads salesman. They were seized about 4 p.m. as they left the Valo Frocks Company, a dress plant said to be owned by Oddo in the Bath Beach section of Brooklyn. They were rounded up on the orders of Assistant Chief Police Inspector Raymond V. Martin, in charge of Brooklyn South Detectives, a part of what was termed a continuing policy of “keeping the heat on known criminals.”


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