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South Vietnam To Use New Techniques to Attack Reds

Dec. 31, 1961 - Aided by a build-up in U.S. military support, South Vietnam is preparing a strong counter-offensive against Communist guerrilla forces threatening President Diem’s pro-Western Government. Numerous techniques are being inaugurated to help turn the tide of battle against the Viet Cong, as the Communist guerrillas are called. One of these techniques is “defoliation” from the air (pictured), a chemical means of stripping leaves from the foliage that hides Viet Cong movements in thickly wooded areas. Many U.S. Army war dogs also will be employed to flush out the enemy. Swift movement of troops by helicopters operated by U.S. Army personnel is another technique to be stressed. American officers hope it will often be possible to surround Communist attackers and cut off their lines of retreat. On the other hand, helicopters are vulnerable to ground fire. Americans in Saigon expect casualties to rise considerably.


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