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Sen. Humphrey Says Chinese Could Have Bomb "Any Time This Year"

Jan. 21, 1962 - The assistant Senate majority leader, Hubert Humphrey (left), said today that Red China could explode a nuclear device “any time within this year.” Senator Humphrey said he based this view on “some knowledge of the development of nuclear physics and the nuclear science” by the Chinese Communists. “It has been known for a good deal of time that prior to World War II some of the most advanced nuclear scientists and nuclear physicists were Chinese, and they are still in China,” Mr. Humphrey said. “And it is obvious that the Chinese Communist Government would be making unbelievable efforts to harness this great scientific knowledge and to put it to work to make a nuclear device.” Mr. Humphrey said it was because of such a possibility that he had been so insistent on a nuclear test ban treaty. He said the only way to stop the spread of nuclear technology was to stop testing.


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