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Second Negro Enrolls in University of Mississippi, No Violence

June 5, 1963 - A second Negro entered the University of Mississippi today, but there was neither interference from Governor Ross Barnett nor the violence that marked the initial desegregation of the school last year when James Meredith enrolled. No incidents marred the registration of Cleve McDowell (pictured), 21, in the university law school. He was enrolled under orders issued by Federal District Judge Sidney C. Mize. Nevertheless, approximately 300 soldiers, 20 deputy Federal marshals, and a number of FBI agents maintained rigid security precautions. An Army reconnaissance plane and a helicopter kept a constant watch on the marshals’ automobile in which the student was driven to Oxford from Jackson, the state capital. Mr. McDowell and university officials expressed pleasure over the smoothness of his reception. “I appreciate the way I’ve been received, and at this time I have not heard even one rude remark,” Mr. McDowell told newsmen. A resident of Drew, Miss., he is a recent honor graduate of Jackson State College, a Negro institution.


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