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Robert Kennedy Interviewed on NBC-TV

Sept. 9, 1963 - Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy conceded today that President Kennedy’s drive to pass civil rights legislation is having an adverse political effect on his brother’s chances of reelection in 1964 — in the North as well as the South. But he commented: “I think we have to do it.” Mr. Kennedy said in an NBC-TV interview that northerners are becoming aware of racial problems, “and I think this kind of awakening is having an adverse political effect upon the Administration.” The Attorney General also spoke critically of some of the Negro demonstrations that have occurred in recent months. He said, “There have been a number of those, where the leadership has fallen down and the people have gone into the streets and created disorders without any purpose.” Mr. Kennedy added that the legislation urged by the President is “an important step forward and a necessary step, but I think there are going to be many problems that are going to be with this country and our people for a long period of time.”


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