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Rioters Threw Acid at U.S. Marshals in Mississippi

Oct. 4, 1962 - The number of injuries inflicted by a howling mob of 2,500 that laid siege to U.S. marshals at the University of Mississippi at Oxford Sunday night was disclosed for the first time today by U.S. Deputy Attorney General Nicholas Katzenbach, who was present at the riot. He said 166 of the marshals, or 38% of the defenders of the university’s administration building, had been injured. Twenty-nine received gunshot wounds. Eight marshals were injured by acid, broken glass, bottles, bricks, and other missiles before Chief U.S. Marshal James J.P. McShane gave the order to fire tear gas. At a news conference at the faculty house today, John W. Cameron, 35, Mr. McShane’s assistant, peeled back the collar of his shirt and displayed an acid burn. Mr. Katzenbach said agents of the F.B.I. had made “some progress” in their search for the snipers who killed a French news correspondent and a local white man. The breakdown of injuries released by him did not include those suffered by soldiers, students, and others. It is estimated that this total exceeds 200.


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