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RFK Meets with Southern Theater Owners

May 27, 1963 - The Kennedy Administration tried today to persuade Southern theater owners to desegregate their theaters voluntarily. A group of theater owners met for 90 minutes with Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy. Afterward, Mr. Kennedy’s press officer, Edwin O. Guthman, said there had been a frank and “extremely useful” exchange of views. The Attorney General also met for the first time James Meredith (right), the Negro student whose admission to the University of Mississippi last September was accompanied by rioting and two deaths. Mr. Meredith had come to Washington for an appearance on “Meet the Press” yesterday. He visited with the Attorney General for ten minutes or so and then left for Mississippi. Before leaving, he said he had no panaceas to offer as a solution for the integration problem. He said legislation “with teeth” was necessary and that there was “a great deal of work to be done.”


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