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Rev. Graham to Rev. King: “Put Brakes On”

Apr. 17, 1963 - The Rev. Dr. Billy Graham had this advice today for “a good personal friend,” the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.: “Put the brakes on a little bit.” The recent Negro demonstrations led by Dr. King in Birmingham, Ala., have complicated a racial situation in which “great progress was being made,” Dr. Graham said, adding: “What I would like to see now is a period of quietness, in which moderation prevails.” Dr. King and about 250 other persons have been arrested at sit-ins, demonstrations, and marches in Birmingham in the last two weeks. Regarding the renewal of demonstrations, Dr. Graham said: “I seriously doubt, from what I’ve heard from friends, that the Negro community there supports it. Coming at this moment, the timing is questionable. They ought to put the brakes on a little bit.”


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