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President Kennedy Congratulates Astronaut Scott Carpenter

May 24, 1962 - President Kennedy said today that the courage of Lieutenant Commander Scott Carpenter and the skill and initiative of his rescuers was “heart-warming to all of us.” The President conveyed his congratulations to Commander Carpenter by radiotelephone shortly after the astronaut had arrived aboard the carrier Intrepid by helicopter. The President also authorized NASA to bestow upon Comdr. Carpenter its distinguished service medal. During the call, President Kennedy said: “I am glad that you got picked up in good shape, and we want to tell you that we are all for you and send you the very best luck to you and your wife.” Comdr. Carpenter replied: “My apologies for not having aimed a little bit better on re-entry.” “Oh, fine and good,” the President said. “Well, we want to congratulate you and I look forward to seeing you in Washington sometime soon.”

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