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Phillies Move After Negro Players Denied Accomodations

Mar. 10, 1962 - Because local hotels in Clearwater, Fla., refused to accommodate five Negro ballplayers, the Philadelphia Phillies moved players and officials out of town today. The Phils left the Jack Tar Harrison hotel and moved into the Rocky Point motel on the Howard Franklin Causeway, 20 miles away. The club’s general manager, John Quinn, who two days ago received word that the NAACP would picket the Phillies’ home games unless the squad’s housing was integrated in Florida, announced the move. The hotel had refused accommodations to Ruben Amaro (pictured), Tony Taylor, Tony Gonzalez, Ted Savate and Marcellino Lopez. They had been boarding in private homes. One Negro player, Wes Covington, owns his own home at St. Petersburg and commutes to the ballpark daily.


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